Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got questions? At Bond Cleaners, we love to help.
We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below but you can also contact us by calling 1300 625 668.


A. We don’t usually boast as we’ve got our customers doing it for us.

Over the past 3 years, Bond Cleaners has provided superb service to our customers transforming their houses into homes which they can be proud of.

A. You can either book using our easy to use online booking form or contact us via phone or email –
Click here to go to the online form and book now Call us on 1300 625 668 Email:
A. Usual time taken is between 4-8 hours but may be more or less depending on the condition of the property and also the requirements of each individual clean.

Our online booking form will give you an estimated timeframe when you book us in.

A. Yes, We also offer Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Control if it is required. So instead of looking for a separate company, we can do all at a discounted rate.
A. We guarantee our clean for 24hrs. If there is in our original quote which we’ve missed or is not up to the agent or landlord’s standard, let us know and we will go and rectify it ASAP (normally within 48 hours).
A. No. You can leave the keys in a safe location for us to pick up eg.letterbox. Please note we cannot be liable for the keys in these cases.

Alternatively, you can leave it with your real estate agent and we will pick up and return (must be within 10mins drive from the place which needs to be cleaned.

A. Any damage caused by us will be repaired. You can take confidence in knowing that you are protected as bond cleaners are fully insured with workers compensation

Note that we do not clean items which are already damaged as this is our company policy.

For more information on our bond cleaning services, please see our terms & conditions

A. As every house is different, there may be occasions where our cleaners will advise of additional charges to the price quoted by our online booking system in order to complete the job to a standard which will guarantee a full bond return.

These situations are rare and usually happens only when the customer hasn’t provided all the necessary information (see our Terms & Conditions) or in special circumstances eg. A house in very bad condition due to excessive hoarding.

A. Everything will need to be removed from the property prior to the cleaning date (unless it is a furnished property). This is required in order for us to complete the clean to our high standards for a guaranteed bond return.