Tips for Tenants in Sydney to Get Your Bond Back

How to Make Sure You Get Your Bond Back

Sydney is an expensive place to rent, and things get even more expensive when you don’t get your bond full bond refundback.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and things can quickly get confusing regardless of whether you’re a new renter or someone who’s been renting for a long time.

Luckily, the information we provide in this article should get you on your way to a full bond return.

Read your Tenancy Agreement

This may seem like a simple procedure, but a number of our clients forget to read the very lease they signed. It might outline the things that are necessary at the end of your stay to secure your bond. Requirements may include things such as using a professional end of lease cleaning service and carpet steam cleaning.

Take Photos of the Property

The NSW tenancy laws state that the client is NOT responsible for ‘fair’ wear and tear but this can be open to interpretation.

Too many times, we have seen clients lose out on bonds with their property due to disputes over damaged property or excessive wear and tear.

Don’t rely on the pre-condition report from the real estate agent. At the end of the day, they are working for the landlord and will not be looking out for your best interests.

Make sure you take pictures of the entire house, make note of any pre-existing damage and advise the agent (documented via email). This way you will be able to prove your case in front of a tribunal if your landlord tries to make you pay for something which should be considered fair wear and tear.

Pay your Rent on Time

Nothing is worse then missing a month of rent, and seeing it put towards that bond. You may even get blacklisted by the agent which would make it difficult for you to find another rental property.

Remember, track rent payments, and ensure that your landlord is given the cheque well before the due date, or simply pay via bank transfer which also gives you a record of when you paid.

Give Proper Notice when Leaving

This goes back to our first point, make sure to read the lease and know the agreement in place if you wanted to leave early.

According to the NCAT, the tenant must mitigate any losses suffered by the landlord if they were to break their lease early. This includes any loss of rent or additional advertising costs incurred by the landlord.

Know what you are responsible for

Being an informed tenant will make things a little easier. You are not responsible for fair wear and tear or things like replacing old flooring and repainting the property, the costs associated with removing dangerous substances such as asbestos, and here in Sydney, steam cleaning the carpet, unless otherwise specified in your lease.

When it comes to the question of how to get your bond back, the answer is simple, know your rights, and take care of your part. Armed with these great tips, you are well on your way to securing that bond, and getting your money back.

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