Guide to Moving Houses in Sydney

Tips to Reduce Stress When Moving House

There aren’t too many people who are enthusiastic about moving house. With all the work that goes into packing / unpacking, organising end of lease cleaning and removalists, moving house is definitely one of life’s more stressful events.

So, if you are moving house in Sydney and want everything to go smoothly without any hassle on move day, follow these six tips. These tips will make sure your moving day goes as stress-free as possible.

Tip 1: Start Packing Ahead of Time.Stress Moving Home

There are various items in your household that you won’t be using for weeks. So, start packing all such items including bed linen, towels, and small appliances. Do not put up packing for the last moment when movers have already arrived. This will waste your time unnecessarily.

Tip 2: Clear Your Schedule.

If you’re moving house in Sydney, it is extremely crucial to keep it the only thing on your schedule that day. Moving house always takes longer than you think and if you make other plans for that day, you can further lengthen the entire process. Making lunch plans with friends or stopping for a cup of tea can disturb your moving day.

Tip 3: De-clutter As You Pack.

Do not simply pack all the stuff of your home. There will be many things that are either broken or unwanted in a new home. Therefore, get rid of anything broken, unusable or worn out as you pack. This will save your time and means you don’t have to unpack boxes of junk at the other end.

Tip 4: Pack Everything Before the Movers Arrive.

Whether you have hired professional movers or your friends and family are coming to help you move, it is never good to make them wait. Your belongings should be securely packed in boxes before they arrive to help you move on your moving day. When your helpers come, they should only have to load the boxes onto the truck. Friends can wait for you to delicately wrap your china but professional movers will not stand this. They will probably charge you extra if you leave them waiting for hours.

Tip 5: Have Cash on Hand.

When you’re moving house in Sydney, hidden costs are always involved eg. buying pizza for lunch, pay extra to the movers and so on. Thus, always keep some cash on hand if you don’t want to trouble yourself with tracking down an ATM in a completely new and unknown neighborhood.

Tip 6: Be Flexible.

Nothing is ever predictable. Even when you know you have planned everything in a systematic way, chances are things will not run smoothly. So, don’t freak out if things go out of place. It is best to go with the flow. Even if some last moment troubles rise up, be flexible and gather the courage to confidently deal with them.

Tip 7: Book in Your End of Lease Cleaners.

Remember to book your end of lease cleaning before handing back the keys to your real estate agent. You’ll be glad you did, as you’re going to be so tired and it’s likely you won’t have the energy to do the clean yourself.

Additionally, using experienced cleaners such as Best Bond Cleaners gives you the best chance to get your full deposit back from your landlord.

Tip 8: Know Your Rights

Make sure you read your tenancy agreement. Rarely, landlords have been known to take advantage of tenants by making them pay for items which is considered wear and tear (which the tenant is not responsible for.

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