Sydney’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Experts

Are you looking for a way to clean your tile and grout and to get them looking brand new again?

Unfortunately, regular mopping doesn’t do anything but spread dirt and bacteria over your floor and into the grout lines.

This causes a build up will which causes permanent discolouration and damage to your floors which is costly to repair or replace.

To avoid this you should have them cleaned at least twice every year.

Combine this service with our spring cleaning service to give your house a full makeover.

What Types of Flooring Can You Clean

We clean all types including –tile grout cleaning sydney



Many More


Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Back in the day, it was considered normal to just use bleach, a hard bristle brush and a lot of elbow grease to clean your floors. The results back then were less than optimal.

Luckily, floor cleaning technology has come a long way since then.

Bond Cleaners use different chemicals depending on the type of material which needs to be cleaned. These chemicals work better and are more gentler when compared to traditional bleach.

In terms of equipment, we use rotary scrubbers along with a machine which utilises  a combination of high pressure, heat and suction which actually agitates and removes dirt and bacteria all in the one pass.

We can even help you with minor repairs to provide you with a complete rejuvenation service.

This is the process we use when you book a tile and grout cleaning with us –

  • Pre-inspection to evaluate the condition of the floor
  • Determine most suitable chemical
  • Application of chemical
  • Agitation using rotary scrubber (not required for all types of flooring)
  • Final cleaning and drying with high pressure, heat and vacuum


Tile and Grout Sealing

We recommend our floor sealing service for all porous tiles and grout after cleaning.

Sealing your floor will help prevent staining and permanent discolouration by creating a barrier between contaminants and the surface of the tile.

Non-porous materials such as glazed porcelain or ceramic shouldn’t require sealing but we still recommend sealing the grout using a penetrating sealer.

Bond cleaners are your specialists for floor cleaning, sealing and minor tile repairs.

Contact us today if you need advice on cleaning & sealing your floors and we’ll organise one of our professionals to do it for you.