BBC Window Cleaning in Sydney

Looking for a reliable window cleaner in Sydney? Getting glass spotlessly clean is our specialty!

Our cleaners are equipped with high end window cleaning equipment made by brands like Sorbo and Wagtail which is suitable for cleaning all types of glass including Low E, double glazed, laminated and many more.

We service homes and businesses in Sydney. Call us  on 1300 625 668 for a pristine looking home today!

Benefits of Using Our Service

Hassle Free Service

Regular Cleaning Packages Available

Affordable Rates

Professional and Fully Trained Staff

Fully insured – If We Break Something, We’ll Replace It

Windows in Your Home

We can clean all types of home windows, even the ones which are hard to reach. You can rely on us to take the utmost care of them and transform your home into something which you could be proud of.

Don’t risk injury to yourself by cleaning your own windows and let our professionals do it while you relax.

Give your entire home a makeover by combining a window clean with our home cleaning service.

Cleaning for Your Business

Give your shopfront a face lift by utilising our window cleaning service and give your customers a good impression.

We service businesses all over Sydney and will do it at a time which suits you so there’s minimal disruption to your business.

Our cleaners are all OH & S trained to ensure the protection of your customers.

Contact us today and ask about our regular maintenance packages to keep your business looking good all year round!


How often should my windows be cleaned?

Although it’s acceptable to them cleaned annually, the majority of our customers choose to have it done at least bi-annually.

The exception to this would be for our customers who live close to the beach or sea where salt deposits cause rapid deterioration to windows and frames.

Also, you may need may need more frequent cleaning if you live on the main road with a lot of traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Price varies depending on a number of factors but prices can start from $200 + GST. Factors which effect the final price includes-

  • The condition of the windows eg. how dirty they are or the last time they were cleaned
  • How many you need cleaned
  • Whether they are easily accessible

Call us today and we’ll be more than happy to come out and give you a free onsite quote.

Does the weather affect the service?

Our skilled cleaning technicians work in rain, hail or shine. Although we may postpone your appointment if the weather poses an OH & S issue for our staff.


Contact BBC on 1300 625 668 to book in one of our window cleaning technicians today!